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Red 'n' Black by InvaderArgg Red 'n' Black :iconinvaderargg:InvaderArgg 0 2
The first time I arrived at the city of Aquella, city of Magic, flowers and learning, I found it a stunning city to behold. The first thing that caught my eyes was the massive gates surrounding the landlocked part of the city. Around the wrought iron gates, twisted into the shape of exotic flowers and decorated with gems, there are openings to the three of the four cardinal points into the city. To the east was the sea of Tirang, and the port at Aquella, which is famous for its trading and fishing. Once I had passed through the gates of the city, my eyes were drawn to the most magnificent and tallest building there, the Silver Mages Guild Library.
My main quest in venturing to Aquella had been to find and gain training at the famous grand Library, the center of learning in the country of Majoria, and in this entire world of Nilea. Its fame stretched over the seas and countries and called to many magical minds, like myself, a simple and untrained mage from a small city outside of Tizen.
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Forgotten Cities: Crystalline
The city had long since been forgotten by the world outside of the city. The streets were deprived of any living creature, and it has been that way for many years. The city was like a time capsule, everything frozen the way it had been left nearly fifteen years ago. No one is particularly sure what happened in that forgotten city that made it so everyone just up and left. Some say it was a horrible murder that shook the whole city to the foundation that caused everyone to leave; some say it was the economy that forced everyone to find new places of work. Some say that aliens implanted mind control chips into the minds of the people of the city, and made them all leave with the hope of making the city their base here on Earth.
The truth is that no one really knows. Each person that left the city had their own reason for leaving. The miners said the crystal mines all dried up and left them with nothing to mine any more. The reporters said that the stories they were finding were barely in
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